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Anggota : Fekky (Vocal), Rudi (Guitar), Yunus (Guitar), Indra (Bass), Ferry (Drum).

This Metal-hardcore band gathered their small troops in 2007, it was all started when Fekky (vocal) loosing his old band “Pinky and The Brain”. The first line was Fekky (Vocal), Luhur Pams (Drum), Adi (Bass guitar), Fitrah (Guitar) and Rian (guitar).

With this line-up there were no any record lists, but the band has created their first single “When I’m Alone” which created by Rian (guitar), this single included in the band”s first EP in 2008. After 6 months the band has started to crumble and one by one the crews has left the boat which is only left Fekky and Adi in the band.

With the help of Dedy “Exciter”, Ferry has came abroad and replaced Luhur Pams as the drummer, Vicky as the guitarist and also Yunus as the replacement of Rian as the guitar player. This second line up was also unable to stayed long, in the first recording process in 2008 Vicky has gone without any notifications, so that he has to be replaced by Indra. STEP OUT FROM YOUR DARKSIDE is the band’s first EP on that year with the single “When I’m Alone”.

On the next year Fallen To Pieces has abandoned by Adi and they have to played without any fixed player, Gigih “Good Boy Jimmy” had once played as the bass player. Until Rudi came inside the family and played as the guitar player and put Indra as the Bass Player.

In 2011 Fallen To Pieces created their first album “Holy Son” in Landungsari Studio. The album itself contains 10 songs, Tabula Rasa and Salvation, Light, You Wont See Me In That Place are the singles of the album. In their first album “When I”m Alone” has also included as one of the single to honored Rian as the first member of the band.

The “Holy Son” album is influenced by Killing machine, Unearth, Lamb Of God, iron Maiden, Power Metal and Metallica. it took almost a year to finished the album process with the help of Cupret “Anorma” as the record engineering.

Informasi : 08883319309 (Fekky) / 085646455650 (Indra) | Twitter @ftp_mlg
Basecamp : Jl. Taman Riau 29 65117 Malang.

Sample Song – Salvation –

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