Hellhound @portalmusikmalang.com

Anggota : Andika (Gitar), Budi (Gitar), Nofa (Vocal), Dedi (Bass),Irul (Drum).

Hellhound was formed in February 2012 and start recorded our first demo. This band itself based on death metal with influence of some bands, like fleshgod apocalypse, necropaghist, obscura, disavowed, cerebral bore, brain drill and many more (thanks to them), but we want make it a little different with a touch of neo classical riffs in to it.

Influence : Obscura, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, Cerebral bore, Nile, Brain Drill.

Informasi : Andika, 0856 49102030

Sample Song – Fatamorgana Agama –

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