Sadist Record: The Father of Serpents “The Age Of Damnation”

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The Father of Serpents

The Father of Serpents (photo credit; Marija Trkulja)

Portalmusikmalang.comThe Father of Serpents release first album, “The Age Of Damnation”, contains about an hour of apocalyptic atmosphere, presented through the gentlest of acoustic passages, to the most brutal and vicious parts. They have delivered them to use, the album is consisted of ten tales of struggles against the very real monstrosities this world has created, as well as the parts of ourselves, that such monstrosities have infected.

These are the tales of spiritual survival, battles, wars, kicking, tearing, and biting in order to preserve at least some sanity, in the world, which has doomed us all to slavery, and connected us to a single mind machine, in order to harvest us for any drop of quality, that we, as individuals, have.

The Father of Serpents (Belgrade, Serbia) Lineup; Tamerlan – Vocals (growls/screams/narations), Pavle Sovilj – Vocals (Clean & Violin), Igor Loncar – Guitars, Željko Zec – Guitars, Milan Šuput – Bass, & Aleksandar Maksimovic – Drums. (tfs/pr).


01 The Walls Of No Salvation
02 The Flesh Altar
03 Tale Of Prophet
04 The Grave For Universe
05 Tainted Blood
06 The Afterlife Symphony
07 The Quiet Ones
08 The God Will Weep For You
09 The Last Encore
10 Viral

  • 48

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